Founded in March 2012, TCO has been building strong partnerships with the customers and partners. We understand their needs and potentials to provide optimal marine solutions.

In recent years, we have gradually asserted our position as one of the leading marine service providers in the region. Owning a fleet of ships and modern equipment, operated by a team of professional and experienced personnel, we can perform marine operations effectively and economically for our customers



For the system: being the 3rd pillar of Saigon Newport, we strive to optimize operational efficiency and building a strong brand with the aim to become a marine economic power.
With customers and partners: bringing added value to customers, building reputable relationships, trusting and long-term cooperation with partners.
For employees, shareholders and community responsibility: is a firm belief that links the interests of the company with the common interests of employees, shareholders and the community.


To be the leader in offshore marine service and rescue/salvage in Vietnam.


Pioneering – Unique – Innovative – Efficient – Compassionate These core values have built our company’s reputation and distinguish us from other competitors.


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Pioneering – Unique – Innovative – Efficient – Compassionate

These are the principles TCO follows to strengthen our relationship with suppliers, business partners, and customers. We have always considered possible economic, social, and environmental impacts to responsibly execute our business plans including the operation of our vessels and offshore services.
As a member of SNP (Saigon Newport Corporation), TCO shares the same core values and policies, which have influence on our commitment to the community. We work constantly to minimize risks and improve our policies regarding Health & Safety, Environment, Anti-Corruption, and Security. The reputation of TCO has been built with our professional working spirit.


We are a Preferred Business Partner

While partnering with local or foreign firms and executing acquisitions skillfully, we ensure that our marine environment, human and labor right are protected. TCO also takes initiatives of leaders to increase mutual benefits and sustainable growth.


We are the Ideal Choice

Our modern facilities and professional employees have made us an ideal supplier. TCO is capable of offering various options for customers to choose one that works best in their case. We also provide thoughtful support to help clients to build  strong lasting businesses.

QHSE policy

TCO is committed to protecting people and the environment while doing business. Over the years, we have shared Health and Safety guidelines with our employees and contractors to protect them from work-related injuries and illnesses.

In terms of environmental performance, all of our operating processes are ISO 9001 certified. The company, along with the entire employees, strictly obey the initial working process to prevent any downside effects on the environment.

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