Rescue Hai Ha 58 ship, giving priority to human lives

At 11:50 a.m. on January 16, 2021, the cargo ship HAI HA 58 (under Hai Ha Waterway Transport Company Limited, with a tonnage of 4095 tons) was travelling from Subic, the Philippines to My Thoi, An Giang. The engine was damaged at 11 ° 03.00’N 110 ° 13.00’E (81 nautical miles from Phu Quy island to the Northeast, 190 nautical miles from Vung Tau cape the east) Northeast) in the southwest direction, the drift speed is 03 knots.

Figure 1: Hai Ha crew members are happy to see the rescue team

Onboard with 15 crew members, the captain requested urgent assistance. It is known that at that time the crew of the ship Hai Ha 58 showed signs of panic when the vessel was washed away with the water, asking for immediate support.

Video of the rescue of Hai Ha 58

TCO receives information when all officers and employees are attending the year-end celebration. However, with the seriousness of the situation, the departments immediately held a meeting, cooperating closely with the local authorities to develop a rescue plan that it was fast, effective and ready to dispatch.

12:30 At noon on January 17, the Tan Cang 63 ship was dispatched to depart in unfavourable weather conditions. Still, the management board has thoroughly grasped the idea with the primary mission of compassion, team TCO staff left with excitement and were ready to handle the arising incident.

Figure 3: Tan Cang 63 successfully rescued Hai Ha Ship 58

With determination and a professional rescue team, the Tan Cang 63 ship approached Hai Ha 58 3 hours earlier than planned and successfully towed the ship to Vung Tau port on January 20.