TCO celebrates Vietnamese businessman day

Congratulations on Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day (October 13, 2004 – October 13, 2020). On behalf of all employees of the Company, on behalf of the entire staff of the Trade Union, the Board of Directors would like to wish the Board of Management a meaningful, happy, happy and always successful business day on the career path, steadfastly driving TCO’s children further. again.

This year is considered a difficult year for businesses in general and for companies in the oil and gas sector in particular. With Covid-19, normal developments have a significant impact on TCO’s application provision. Under efficiency, all officers and employees of the company direct the force non-stop to steer the TCO boat through a difficult period. Achievements achieved in 2020, Saigon Newport Corporation recognized the development of TCO and awarded the title “Oustanding Entrepreneur 2o20” to TCO Director – Mr. Le Dang Phuc.

Figure 1: SNP’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Ceremony.

Also in the joyful atmosphere of Vietnam Business Day, the Board of Directors held a meeting with representatives of the Company’s departments with 2 clearly set goals, First, congratulate Vietnam Entrepreneur Day as well as congratulations on all the successes achieved so far. Second, meeting to discuss building a development direction in the last quarter of 2020 and the coming years.

Hình 2: Buồi gặp mặt giữa ban lãnh đạo và đại diện các phòng ban.